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3 Ways a Multi-Tool Can Be Useful When Snowboarding

 The inventors of multi-tools likely didn't imagine that Cheap patriots Jerseys #12 snowboarders would use their products, but there indeed several ways to use a multi-tool while shredding the slopes:

1. To Quickly Smooth Out Edges

Chances are that your multi-tool includes a file. This accessory can sharpen your board's edge and repair minor damage. You can also file away burrs with a file. If a ragged burr catches on the snow in a weird way, you could be headed for a crash. Professional snowboarders use files to keep their boards fast and safe during competitions.

If you can, of course, it's best to get your hands on actual snowboarding tools for beveling work. However, minor damage can be addressed quickly - right on the slopes if you have your multi-tool handy. Remove burrs by sliding your file at a consistent angle with the board's edge, moving from nose to tail.

2 Cheap texans Jerseys #80. Survival and Emergency Situations

You've probably heard horror stories of snowboarders stuck in the wilderness for days after boarding out-of-bounds or taking a nasty spill. If this sort of thing happened to you, you'd be thrilled to have a multi-tool in your possession.

Multi-tools are useful for a variety of tasks one might face in a survival situation:

- Cutting firewood.

- Creating shelter from natural materials.

- Directing your way back to civilization. (Some multi-tools include a compass!)

- Providing first-aid in the field.

3. Binding Adjustments

Should your binding come undone, you'll have no method of controlling your path down the hill. Multi-tools often feature screwdrivers, which can be used to adjust your snowboard's bindings as soon as you notice any looseness. This multi-tool application could very well save your life; when a rider's bindings come undone, major, even fatal, injuries often follow Cheap broncos Jerseys #18.

Multi-tools can also adjust bindings according to the terrain you face and your goals as a rider Cheap eagles Jerseys #25. Minor changes in the angles of your bindings can have a huge impact on your ride. Snowboarders have developed different binding setups for different circumstances. For example, a duck stance binding would be one in which both feet angle out slightly. This setting allows the rider to be more ambidextrous on the slopes; he or she is equally comfortable riding backwards or forwards. Freestylers, who often switch which foot is forward, often prefer this stance.

However, if you just want to carve some major turns while feeling in control of your board, a forward stance may be best for you. To create a forward stance, you would adjust your front foot to be at an angle of +18 degrees, and your back foot to be at about +6 degrees.

If you have a multi-tool on you, you can switch stances mid-day. You might begin with a forward stance to gain confidence on the slopes, and switch to a duck stance when your friends invite you to take on the terrain park, for instance.

As you can see, there are several ways that a multi-tool can come in handy while snowboarding. To conclude, here are two important tips to remember if you're planning to shop for a snowboarding multi-tool: Look for a model that includes screwdrivers, a file, and Allen wrenches; and protect yourself by wrapping your multi-tool in some form of soft padding. Otherwise, you could fall on your multi-tool and hurt yourself.



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